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Leg's Bonnie Lass X KRT's Rhett

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Week 1

There are 3 broken blacks,one of which is a peanut,and 1 solid black in this litter.  I also have Jon Doe's 1 orange kit fostered in here.


Week 2

This litter is doing well,I lost Jon Doe's fostered kit when it rode out of the box on a nipple.  The peanut from this litter is still alive,and is actually very active.  Some of them are also beginning to open their eyes.


Week 3:
These guys are doing great,they all have their eyes open now.  I also discovered my peanut is actually a runt.


Week 4:
These little ones are all out of their box now.  The runt is still about half the size of her siblings and has an eye infection I have been treating.  All the brokens in this litter are does and the solid is a buck.  I didn't get a picture of one of the does this week because I couldn't get her to sit still long enough,I'll try again later today.