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B&C's & Land O Lops Co-Op & Seven Dwarfs Rabbitry

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About B&C's Holland Lops

About B&C's Holland Lops
B&C's Holland Lops is owned by Brittany Davis-Wright (soon to be Franks) Carol Davis-Wright,and Dustin Franks.  Brittany and Dustin have been dating for 4 years and will be getting married in June of 2006,they have shared this hobby with Brittany's mother Carol since they first began,which was not very long ago.
B&C's Holland Lops is located in beautiful Walnut Grove,GA.
About Land O Lops Holland Lops
We are a  small family owned rabbitry,  Mom (Ellen), daughter(Wendy), grand daughter (Tiffany) and grandson (Gavin)are all members of  The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Lop Rabbit Club of America, Holland Lop Specialty Club, CSRA Rabbit and Cavy Lovers Club of Augusta, Ga. , Dixie Dwarf Fanciers, and The American  Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Assoc.

We pride ourselves in having some of the finest bloodlines in the country at our rabbitry. From the West coast to the East.

 We strive to produce the best quality show bunnies.

Land O Lops is Located in Augusta,GA.

About our Co-Op

Not only are we (Brittany & Wendy) good friends,but we both share a love of animals,in particular our hollands.  Our rabbits are our pride and joy and we strive to produce only the best we can together.  By joining our rabbitrys we hope to produce even better Holland Lops of color.