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B&C's & Land O Lops Co-Op & Seven Dwarfs Rabbitry

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We take personal pride in being
responsible breeders. We never knowingly sell an unhealthy
or aggressive rabbit. Prices for rabbits are subject to change
without notice according to development. We reserve the right
to close a sale at any time! Deposits are Non-refundable.
If for any reason you are not happy with the rabbit you have purchased you may
return it to us for a replacement of equal or lesser Value
of the same sex, and breed. (To receive a replacement
you must return the rabbit within 14 days of purchase) If
at any time you decide you can no longer care for the rabbit
we ask that you return the rabbit to us, and not any adoption
agency, We however will not buy back any rabbit. We will
house the rabbit until the right home becomes available.
(This does not fall under the replacement offer)

  • Please contact us to make sure the rabbit is still for sale.


you will need to send us NON- REFUNDABLE deposit of at least ½ (50%) the purchase price of the said rabbit(s). A deposit is - money sent before the said rabbit(s) owner ship is transfered. No matter how large the desposit is. IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. By Non-refundable this means:

  • If you choose not to get the said rabbit(s) you will be forfeiting your deposit. However if the said rabbit(s) become Ill or Dies. You can apply your deposit towards another “FOR SALE” rabbit(s) or be placed on a waiting list for a future rabbit, in which your deposit will be place towards.

- This Non-Refundable deposit is good for ONLY 2 WEEKS

  • If you wish to have your rabbit held longer. Please beware there is an extra charge of $2.00 per day or $10.00 a week (7 days) to hold the rabbit longer (some exceptions may apply, such as emergencies in which you can not pick up the rabbit you must contact us with in 24 hours, Via Phone or e-mail no exceptions. or the rabbit is being delivered to a certain show in which we are attending)
  • 4-The Non Refundable Deposit must be in a Cash or Money Order.


  • 5- we must receive the deposit in 1 week’s time of the date in which you state you would like the said rabbit(s).


  • 6- we operate on a first come first serve basis here.
  • A Non –Refundable Deposit is a must if you wish to have a rabbit(s) held for you.


  • 7- this is a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT this will not be returned if either party cancels the purchase.
  • .PLEASE NOTE: Our Holding Policy is in place to assure that the customer is serious about buying the said rabbit(s). So we do not pass up a good home for the said rabbit(s).


If you have placed a deposit you MUST
pick it up at the show BEFORE 12PM ( Or deposit will be forfited)
-If you are picking up a rabbit from us and
HAVE NOT placed a deposit you MUST pick up the
rabbits before 9 AM.


In Order to get a replacement you must
have returned the rabbit to us with in 14 days of
You will then receive a list of available
rabbits with in the guide lines stated above.
(Under the sales policy).
If none are avalible you will be
put on a replacement list. And be notified when
replacements have become avalible, once you have
received the replacement list you will have 1 week to
choose your replacement and 4 days to pick it up after
you have chosen the replacement.
If you choose not to do this the replacement warranty will be void and you will forfeit your replacement.


If any rabbit you purchase from us becomes
ill or dies with in 7 days of purchase, we will replace the rabbit
(see replacement Policy above)
We must see the rabbit(s) before the Replacement Policy will be warranted
I guarantee the bunny to be free of showing Malocclusion at the time of
sale; I can only guarantee this the day of purchase.
(This is void if you have decided to purchase a rabbit
showing Malocclusion due to pulling on the wire)

We will not knowingly sale a rabbits that is known
to carry this through genetics.

We will not reimburse any veterinary bills under any circumstances.

Both sexes can (but not always) develop hostility
when they reach sexual maturity. I cannot guarantee
this will or will not happen.

This guarantee doesn't cover bad teeth, fertility, personality, or promises of wins or successful production.

A rabbits that dies of abuse • Improper Diet •
Physical accidents • Heat Stroke •
Injury Caused by another animal •

Exposing the rabbit(s) to drafts •
Not quarantine the rabbit(s) from new rabbits •
Rough Handling •
Unsanitary or unsafe housing conditions.

This is to be determined solely by B&C's & Land O Lops Holland Lops. You may at your own expenses have the deceased rabbit(s)
inspected by a veterinarian of your choice. If you disagree
with our decision.

In order for the Health Policy to be warrented you must:
Call or e-mail us within 12 hours of noticing that the rabbit(s) is ill, and provide us with the symptoms.
If requested you must deliver the rabbit(s) to us, before receiving a replacements.

B&C's Holland Lops Sales Policy