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Born: 01/19/06


These guys were just born this morning.  I can already tell 2 are chestnuts,the other 2 are either orange or tort.,or maybe one of each.


These little ones turned 1 week old a few days ago.  I lost the solid orange last week.  But the other 3 are doing well.  There's a broken orange,and 2 chestnuts in this litter.


These little ones are now out of the nestbox most of the day and hopping around.  I tried to sex them today and 2 are does and 1 is a buck.


I'm really pleased with this entire litter.  I don't know if I'll be selling any of these guys now.


I'm taking individual pictures now.  I found out today that I was wrong and this whole litter is all boys.
I love this chestnut guy!  He's my favorite out of this litter and I'll be keeping him,now I need to think of a good name!


Broken Orange Jr. Buck


This is the other little chestnut boy.


Chestnut Jr. Buck


Chestnut Jr. Buck


Orange Jr. Buck